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Social Media Lead

Remote (Online)

About the Role

As the social media lead at Tech Nuttiez, your work will involve:
- Leading the social media content creation team and keeping a check on the entire social media content team and making sure that every one completes the tasks assigned to them, on time and that the quality of content flowing out to our social media handles is maintained.
- Working closely with the social media design team and ensuring that the posts are designed on time and are ready to be shipped out to our social media handles.
- Making sure that the social media calendar is strictly followed and that high-quality content consistently goes out on our social media pages.


- Prior leadership experience is preferred (though if you do not have any, do not hold yourself back from applying, if you think that you are the right fit for this role)
- General knowledge about technology and proficiency in english to be able to edit the content and make sure that it is error-free.
- Good design acumen in general to ensure that the design quality of the posts is maintained.

Perks and Benefits

- Certificate of recognition
- Exciting Tech Nuttiez merchandise
- Loads of useful experience
- Chance of getting a letter of recommendation
- Chance of winning incentives

About the Company

Tech Nuttiez aims to educate the youth globally on technology. We have built an advanced platform for innovators, hobbyists and technology enthusiasts to learn about technology in an interactive manner and also contribute their work and get widespread recognition.

We have reached 1,000,000+ people through our content on the internet and our mobile app has been downloaded in more than 90 countries.

Tech Nuttiez has helped many students and young hobbyists (ranging from middle school and high school students to engineering students) to learn about robotics and programming through numerous project tutorials in written as well as video formats. Many students have successfully built their own robots and other tech projects using our tutorials.

We are doing what we best can to help the global youth attain tech literacy! Join us in our mission of doing the same and let's change the world for good 🚀