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Propelling Maverick
Young Innovators

We help young innovators bridge the gap between their ideas and execution by providing them with resources.

The Tech Nuttiez Impact

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App Downloads

The Tech Nuttiez app has been downloaded by over 5000 users so far!




The app has been downloaded by users in over a staggering 170 countries until now!

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Our informative video tutorials/articles have amassed 1.1+ Million views to date!

How The IAF Works

Every single penny contributed to the Tech Nuttiez Fellowship Fund will be put to use in helping giving a headstart and scaling the innovations of the selected innovators.

1. Fund Collection

First, we collect funds through crowdfunding and add them to the Innovator Access Fellowship Fund.

These funds are set aside and are securely stored with us until an Innovator Access Fellow is recognized, evaluated and deemed qualified by our expert-panel.

2. Recognizing Young Maverick Innovators

Then, our team searches for young innovators, especially those from an underprivileged background, working on groundbreaking innovations who are in a dire need of resources to materialize their ideas into prototypes.

3. Awarding Fellowships

As we find new young innovators working on disruptive solutions to pressing global challenges, our expert panel evaluates the merit of their innovations and then decides the appropriate amount to be awarded to a particular innovator.

The amount is then disbursed (milestone basis). The awardee is then named an Innovator Access Fellow.

- Continued Growth Support 

Once an innovator becomes a part of the IAF ecosystem, they unlock a plethora of benefits to help them grow and scale their innovations and projects.


Their ingenious ideas will be published in the Tech Nuttiez Magazine and featured in the Tech Nuttiez app and its social media platforms. The innovators will also be provided with networking opportunities with innovation ecosystem enablers.

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Your contribution can help fulfill a young innovator's dream today!

Contribute to the Innovator Access Fellowship Today!

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