Dyson Sphere: Space Colonization Made Possible

Updated: Aug 19

Earth, the origin of humanity, the planet we call our home, is unfortunately dying. Earth is but one planet, its resources are few and with climate change not just on the horizon, but already showing its colours, the world is in between a rock and a hard place. Is there any way humanity can save itself from this situation? Well, there is one way, building a Dyson Sphere.

A Dyson Sphere, hypothesized by Physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960 is a theoretically possible megastructure that is built around a star to capture most of its energy and beam it to a receiving station. As we all know, humankind is power-hungry, but just how much power do we need? Dyson calculated that if an advanced civilisation were to grow at just 1% every year, its energy consumption would be a trillion times larger in just 3,000 years. This is a similar growth rate to humanity and sets a worrying precedent.

However, this megastructure would be one of humanity’s first steps in becoming an interstellar civilisation. Humanity uses 580 million terajoules every year in energy. However, the Dyson sphere would blow this figure out of the water. If we were to construct one around our sun, it would produce about 400 septillion joules every second. Enough to power the entirety of humanity’s energy needs for the next 700,000 years in just 1 second at current rates. This level of energy production would facilitate growth and industrialization at never before seen rates, leading to a second, eco-friendly but vastly more efficient industrial revolution.