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Tech Nuttiez Magazine

A DIY Technology Magazine for Young Makers

Tech Nuttiez Magazine
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Completely Free for Everyone Across the Globe

Tech Nuttiez is on a mission to educate the youth globally on technology and we want to make education on technology accessible to everybody. Thus, there is no subscription charge to read our magazine for individuals as well as institutions wanting to make TNMag a part of their digital library. Tech Nuttiez Magazine contains in it loads of premium content on DIY technology, completely free of cost for everyone.

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Download the FREE Tech Nuttiez Mobile App Today

Tech Nuttiez has helped thousands of young minds build robots and other science- and technology-related projects! Get started with your journey in robotics and technology using the Tech Nuttiez app today! The app houses loads of project tutorials on building robots and related projects and also tons of articles on trending topics in science and technology.

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A DIY Technology Magazine Specially Crafted for Schools and Universities

Tech Nuttiez Magazine is a do-it-yourself technology magazine which has been specially crafted for schools and universities. It houses loads of project tutorials and informative articles pertaining to science and technology and is a great resource for students to get their journey with robotics and programming started.

Tech Nuttiez Magazine Student Portal
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Tech Nuttiez Magazine Project Tutorial

Comprehensive Project
Tutorials. Take You From Start Till the End

Each issue of Tech Nuttiez Magazine is filled with exciting DIY project tutorials. These projects range from a simple motor control mechanism to complex robots. 

- Step-by-step instructions on building various projects.

- Code also provided to help complete your projects and for reference purposes.

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Kickstart Your Maker Journey Today

The Maker Culture is a technology-based sub-culture of the Do-It-Yourself Culture. Makers are people like us who love solving real-life problems through innovative solutions using our skills and resources. At Tech Nuttiez Magazine, we believe that we are a part of this growing maker movement. Subscribe to the magazine to kickstart your maker journey today!

Tech Nuttiez Magazine Maker Culture
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Tech Nuttiez Magazine Multiple Devices

Unlimited Reasons for You to Subscribe. Huge Benefits

At Tech Nuttiez Magazine, we make sure to keep the experience of our readers very smooth and fruitful so that they can focus on the content without having to worry about anything. Some of the major benefits:

- Access anywhere, anytime and on any device

- Completely FREE for everyone

- Access to a great community of makers

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