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Quantum Computer’s Influence

So like, What’s Quantum Computing?

To understand quantum computing we must go down all the way back to the 20th century, two smart scientists Max Planck and Niels Bohr - along with many others, but these two are the founding fathers - proposed a theory called Quantum Theory - like how do they come up with such cool names, what -, it is also called Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Physics. So basically in 10-year-old terms, it means that it shows the whole universe’s physical properties on a small scale. On an Atomic Scale, like not visible to the naked eye type of small.

Quantum Computing is being called the next generation of computing; Quantum Computers mainly use the properties of Quantum Mechanics for any computations. Right now we use classical computing, the ones used in laptops, smartphones, etc.

These types of computers use units called bits which represent 0s and 1s.

These types of computers use units called qubits - man all these cool words - representing multiple values.

Pros & Cons of Quantum Computing

Because of the quantity of value each qubit can possess, quantum computing is greatly faster than classical computing.

Since each qubit can possess multiple values, this might cause entanglement making the whole system crash. This phenomenon is called Decoherence, and also qubits are very sensitive to environmental factors, ones we might not even notice, for example, dust, temperature, humidity, etc. Hence making the computer very fragile.

Fields Where Quantum Computing Can Be Used

Using this great potential of computers can change the way of medicine, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc.

Using quantum computing in medicine, we can literally move hospital data to the cloud, and the security of medical data will be mind-blowing. Many clinical trials can be performed on VIRTUAL humans, this could completely prevent any fatalities.

We need mathematics for quantum computing - lol -, but quantum computing can still help in the computation of linear algebra, high-valued numbers, etc.

Using quantum computing in chemistry can greatly simplify ease to stimulate chemical data more precisely. It will help molecular modelers achieve a new level of accuracy. The type humanity’s never seen before.

Ok, so the use in astrophysics should be said in a very thrilling manner.

If quantum computing is used in astrophysics to its fullest, - ahem - ALL THE SPACE MYSTERY WILL GET SOLVED, yeah, everything. It will help us understand BLACK HOLES, NEUTRON STARS & much more. The CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE will no longer remain UNKNOWN - take that for something cool -.

Hurts to admit it but no matter how much technology increases, it’ll be hard to put some sense into flat-earthers.


So, to be clear, if quantum computing is used carefully and to its complete potential in a wide array of sectors, the changes that will occur is just jaw-dropping. Quantum Computing can literally change humanity’s ease in revolution.

Photo by Manuel on Unsplash


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