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DIY Technology for Young Makers

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Tech Nuttiez aims to educate the youth globally on technology. It is a great place for innovators, hobbyists and technology enthusiasts. Tech Nuttiez has helped many students and young hobbyists (ranging from middle school and high school students to engineering students) to learn robotics and programming through numerous project tutorials in written as well as video formats. Many students have successfully built their own robots and other tech projects using our tutorials.

Win Exciting Rewards

Win Exciting Rewards

Get incentives for learning! Participate in quizzes, competitions and events in the Tech Nuttiez app and win T-Bucks and redeem them for offers and giveaways from some of your favourite brands!

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Tech Nuttiez Magazine is a DIY technology magazine for young makers accessible through our mobile app and website. It has been specially crafted for schools and universities. We are a bunch of teenagers on this side doing what we best can, to educate the youth on technology. At Tech Nuttiez, we believe that we are a part of the growing 'Maker Movement'.


We would love to hear from you! Feel free to connect with us by clicking on the button below, which will take you to the contact page:

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